Martin Mushinski

My job is pretty straight forward! --  It is to sell your property for Top Dollar in the shortess amount of time or help you buy a property thats fits your budget and all your wants and needs!  Guiding this process professionally is our day to day goal!

Unique in many ways,  I have had experience in various industries in Manitoba.  I have worked 11 years in a factory as a union employee, so I know what it is like to put your hard working cheque to a good investment.  I have also worked many sales jobs, from concert promotions, to sales in the music industry, to waiting tables at a local steakhouse!  I finally settled down in one career that I love most, that fits my character, skill and where I can focus on integrity.

Marketing properties is a passion of mine!

Buying or selling a home can be one of the biggest decisions someone can make.  I love being apart of that and helping them be successful and happy when they do it, and at the same time educate clients on the market, the facts, and all the dynamics in play when on the "Buy" or on the "Sell".  

I can't wait to work hard for you!